Welcome to Truth Tellers

Belonging • Connection • Community

We exist to connect and challenge men to cut the bullsh*t and get real about how they are
living their lives.  

What are we about?

It’s not about guru following or drum circles around the fire. It’s about creating belonging, connection, and community for every type of man. 

It’s about showing up for yourself so you may show up better for others. 

By joining the Truth Tellers community, you will gain access to a supportive network of men like you. Men who are seeking a deeper connection in their full but unfulfilling lives. Men who are looking to share their authentic truths with a dedicated and supportive community, creating deeper relationships and more intimate friendships. 

Men who are tired of the bullsh*t.

What is Truth Tellers?

  • It’s an empowering men's community that leads to genuine connection.

  • It’s a safe place to explore 'hard to talk about' emotions and learn from those that were there before.

  • It’s a self-directed journey to find your authentic self.

What's included?

  • A diverse online community and supportive Truth Tellers groups
  • 24/7 access to the Truth Tellers online platform and social network
  • A dedicated mobile app for easy access and seamless connection
  • Weekly online zoom meetups facilitated by Truth Tellers facilitators. 
  • Organic networking opportunities
  • Early-bird access and discounts to live events and in-person retreats

Begin your journey today.


Join Us.